Messages from my clients to you.

Buying or selling a home, or investing in real estate, is often one of the largest purchases we make in our lives. Of course, we have to be careful how we proceed.

  • If we are buying a home, we not only want to make sure we are getting the right house for our budget - we are choosing a home where we will raise a family, and where we will nurture our hopes and dreams.

  • When we sell our home, we may need to move to another area, or a larger home. Perhaps we want to sell our home quickly, or the selling price is most important.

  • Or as an investor, we want to make sure we not only get the best price, but we want to get the best terms, and understand cash flow and potential appreciation.
Whatever the reason, it is essential that you can rely on someone you can TRUST! I understand the importance of this relationship, and will always strive to ensure that you are thrilled with the service I provide to you.

Duyen and Vincent

We have been friends with Erin for several years, so it is no surprise that Erin was our first choice when we wanted to buy a new home. Erin was really patient with us. At first, we couldn't decide which area we wanted to live. Erin took us to see a number of homes in each area. She often called us within hours after the house went on the market, and we were often the first to view the house. Finally, one day Erin called - a house had just gone on the market, and she had looked at it and decided it was perfect for us. She was absolutely right! We were the first ones to get an offer in to the sellers. Now we are the owners of a beautiful home - (and we are also neighbors). Erin took care of all the details, and the closing went off without a single problem. Overall - amazing!


At first, my husband was a little reluctant to try selling our house again, because we hadn't had a very good experience with a previous agent. However, after we met with Erin we were very impressed, and decided to try again.

Our old house had served us well, but I have to admit that it wasn't in the greatest condition. Erin convinced us that she could help us spruce up the house with just a limited budget. Much to our surprise, she had the house painted and doors fixed on a shoestring (we still can't figure out how she did that on our budget). She even had some flowers planted in the front yard.

Well, to make a long story short, our house ended up selling for 20% more than we had expected. The most impressive thing is that Erin always did exactly what she told us she would do - the paperwork was always taken care of immediately, and the house sold without any problems.

Happy? You bet! Now Erin has to take care of our next real estate transaction.

Contact Info by request only

I live in Canada, and am buying single family homes for investments. I contacted Erin because I wanted an agent who spoke Chinese, and someone associated with a reputable company. Of course, it was reassuring that she has an MBA, which gave me confidence that she would understand the kinds of concerns that I have as an investor.

Erin and I have never met, so establishing confidence and trust was very important to me. I have dealt with agents in other cities, so I had a good idea what to expect, and what to look for. I was immediately impressed that Erin responded to each of my requests very quickly, and she did not hesitate to tell me if she didn't have the answer. Of course, she always followed up by doing the research and getting me the answer. Therefore, I chose to have Erin be my agent in Orlando.

I chose Orlando because it appears to be a good bet for the future. Obviously, the Orlando market was hit hard during the aftermath of the real estate bubble, so that meant that the prices were more likely to be reasonable. Also, Orlando has some great things going for it - not only the theme parks with their tourists, but it also has a very large university, and companies continue to migrate to the area. I am convinced that growth in Orlando will soon pick up and, of course, that will be great for home prices.

So now Erin has already helped me buy an investment home in Orlando, and we are already working on buying more. I think the most impressive thing for me is that Erin had all the maintenance and repair lined up for the house before closing day, and had all the work completed that week. She screened and obtained tenants for me, and they had moved in at the end of the first week. From an investment perspective that is perfect, as the cash flow has already begun in the first month of ownership.