Yuan (Erin) Fang

I was born and raised in Anhui Province, China, about 300 miles west of Shanghai.

I attended university in Nagano, Japan, where I earned my Bachelor's degree in Economics. I then worked as the Executive Assistant to the President of a high-tech Japanese company. During my time in Japan, I lived with a Japanese family.

I received my MBA from the University of Northern Virginia, and I moved to Orlando with my family in 2005.

My husband and I are active real estate investors, and we own several rental properties which I manage.

As a result of my involvement with owning and managing these rental properties, I became fascinated with the field of real estate, and I have turned my love affair with real estate into my career.

While the myriads of details of finding, negotiating, and closing on a property are fascinating, and always a challenge, I have found that the greatest benefit of being a real estate agent is seeing the big smiles on my client's faces when I have taken care of their needs.